Home Is Where the Objects Are

Yes, home is where the heart is but more so, home is where the objects are. Take any one of these items out of my parents’ house and put them and me in the jungle in Borneo and I would cry ‘Home!’

Exhibit A

The Glass Percolator: It replaced the other glass percolator that cracked when Ciocia Felicia left it on the burner and got distracted in the cellar. The broken one had been a replacement for the two other burned out metal tea kettles before it.
      *I have burned through one tea pot so far. Is this genetic?    


Exhibit B

Dad’s Mug – Perhaps the most sacred dishware in the house. No one can say exactly when Dad starting using it, only that it has surpassed 30 years for certain, if not more. Many have let out a gasp letting it slip from their hands into the sink and sometimes the floor, yet it remains whole. I fear that my Dad will give up drinking coffee and tea altogether if it breaks.
He claims this one holds the heat.


Exhibit C

The Stray Paper Towel – A gently used paper towel left on the counter for second use. This used to drive me crazy, until I found myself doing it recently too. Just like freezing bread and burning through tea pots, I am genetically programmed to saving a stray paper towel. Said paper towel is usuallysharing counter space near an apple, tomato or onion.


Exhibit D     


Either on loud or not at all

• Home Shopping Network- My mother and Ciocia Fela cannot get enough of the jewelry. Hours of it. If Home Shopping Network is crack then Mom and Ciocia like to free-base.

• The Spanish Channel- watched most by Ciocia who speaks the least English in the house. When I pointed out that she doesn’t speak Spanish she shrugged and said, “They sing nice.”
     *I watched a little bit of Bourne Identity on the Telemundo channel the other day and thought her.



Exhibit E

The Thermometer– So vital to the house’s bio dome operations, we have two of them, one outside and one inside. I don’t know why, but like wanting to have our clocks set to Greenwich Mean Time, my father needs to know the temperature.

 When I visit my parents, I expect to see these things. Though I wonder if the percolator’s days are numbered. While it’s my family I come home to visit, these objects let me know I’m home.

Special Thanks to my brother Adam who went on a mission to my parents house yesterday morning to take some photos for me. It was good for me that it was a too windy fishing day for him.

6 comments on “Home Is Where the Objects Are

  1. Anne Zimmerman says:

    HAhahaAAAAAAAAAAAAA I love it. Thank you Adam for going on the photo mission! I remember the partially used paper towel in my grandmother marie’s house too (who she shared for years and years and years with her sister, Mike). Jannett, another goodie. I’m headed off to my studio now. Thank you for starting my day with a twinkle and a chuckle. Mike and Marie will be with me today :) xo a

    • Jannett Matusiak says:

      I have a feeling that there are more partially used paper towel people out there. I’m so glad it brought back a memory of Mike and Marie.

  2. April says:

    The paper towel thing drives me crazy! When Babcia came to visit, there was always one on the counter LOL

  3. Adam says:

    Jannett didn’t you pick up the phone once and get an automated message from home shopping network “Hello tanzanite buyer!” LOL…

  4. Mary says:

    I do the same thing with the paper towel lol when i read your Blog it brings me closer to cioci and mama thank you your making me happy have better days thanks again

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