Na Zdrowie!

If you'd like to stop at one, best to put your hand over the top of the shot glass. Or better yet, hide it under the table. The Pourer will pour. Lesson #1.

To your health! That’s what Na Zdrowie means but you probably already knew that dear reader! (I can’t help but borrow some phrasing from Charlotte Bronte and talk to you directly.) I know you are out there and I symbolically raise these over 40 year old shot glasses to say, Happy New Year!

My friend Denise once taught me a Vietnamese phrase for clinking glasses, Cham Phan Chum (Please forgive any butchering in spelling.) It means something like, 100%. Isn’t that great? I’m looking you right in the eye.

There are many phrases we say for this moment to connect. To me Santé, Sault, Na Zdrowie etc…ultimately all say the same thing no matter your state of health. Its meaning transcends the literal.

It means, I am present here with you and that is a blessing. We can still share a story. We are still here to feel all the mysteries.

I raise my glass to you and to those on the other side. Let us take a moment to laugh, find poetry and feel love in the quiet places of our minds.

Hope your New Year sparkles.