Ciocia Talks Tom Brady

I called home recently. Ciocia Felicia answered. I asked her whether she was planning on watching the Pats vs. Ravens game, even though I already knew the answer would be yes. She interrupted my chain of questions to tell me in Polish, “Brady has a hand injury.”  She was certain he was going to play the game but the outcome of how well he could play was causing her to worry.

Sometimes I wonder if I call the right house.

Brady and Gaga.  Household names.

See, ever since my brothers introduced my Mom and Ciocia to the Super Bowl football squares some years ago and they started betting $20 on the game, they started tuning in. Not because they loved football, but because they wanted to maximize their twenty.  They learned to read the football square grid and somewhere along the way they got hooked.

Adam said to me the other night, “Ma called to ask me about Timeouts.” I told him Ciocia informed me of Brady’s injury and that if it weren’t for her I wouldn’t have known.

They’re obsessed. Apparently, my Mom will do her walking-on-hot-coals howl when the Pats are heading for a touchdown.

After the AFC Championship game last week (what a nail biter!), I called home to see what they thought of the game. My mom said, “Miałem highablood pressure.” I had high blood pressure.

Mom never says HIGH. She says high-ah blood pressure, as if what is already high just went higher.

I realized that I’ve been catching the games myself these days.  I have watched games in the past with groups of people but it was really just to have salsa and chips and engage in some conversation.  I have called a quarter an inning before, so there you go.

I make no smoke screen to disguise my otherwise poo-poo to sports attitude I used to have.  I would have rather watched a foreign film than go to a Sports Bar. Actually, maybe that’s still true…BUT I have always enjoyed the thrill of an underdog winning or the drama of a snowy game. Maybe like my Mom and my aunt, I’m slowly finding the joy of watching a game because I’m figuring it out.

Plus, I just bought a football square for the Super Bowl next week and I want to see what happens to my twenty bucks. Go Pats!!!