Road Trip to Santa Fe Part 4: Just photos

graffiti at the Railyard


My favorite contemporary gallery in Santa Fe. Saw a fabulous Eve Sussman video installation here- 89 Seconds at Alcazar. It recreates the scene from Diego Valezquez’s 17th Century painting Las Meninas. Incredibly lush.


bell from 1356 in the Mission- the oldest church in Santa Fe.


It takes a lot of strength to hold up a bell.




milagros. offerings left when a specific healing prayer was answered



confessional. The tour guide joked that only the lightest of sins were disclosed.



I got to ding the bell with a hammer three times.


The outside of the mission


from inside the oldest house in Santa Fe.


Another honkin’ necklace. It was so huge, I could barely get it in the frame.

Worth seeing the two 20 minute videos…narrated by Gene Hackman.


the first picture.

The second picture. Maybe I should have stopped??


My favorite favorite: the International Folk Art Museum. Worth the trip!


Amulets and Votive Offerings…Folk Art Museum




Itay, Amulet (detail)

Amulets, Ethiopia



Amulet and Votive Offering Wall from around the world


Peruvian Dance Cape

dance cape, detail



heaven and hell

inside the folk museum



Polish Szopka



Polish figurine aka…                                      I want that coat and hat!


Road Trip comes to a close….I was happy I got to snap photos in the Internatioanl Folk Art Museum, unlike the Arts and Culture museum where it was not allowed. (I didn’t see any signs anyway! gulp.)…. Both are fantastic museums, not to be missed if you visit Santa Fe.

 Thanks for coming along with me.

5 comments on “Road Trip to Santa Fe Part 4: Just photos

  1. Marc says:

    Wow, J, these are magnificent! I agree,the Folk Art Museum is worth the trip alone! Those masks and puppets! Were there any for sale in their “shop”? Thank you for the “trip”!

    • Jannett Matusiak says:

      You would so love that museum Marc. The puppets were one of my favorites. They had lots of things in the shop but not the puppets (or else I would have bought one)…and not those exact masks but they had similar objects of beauty. They had a lot of figurines, embroidered pillow cases, metal sculptures (I brought home 3 flat metal bird wall hangings made in Haiti) Definitely a place you’d like to have a roll of cash on hand.

  2. Adam Matusiak says:

    Thanks for sharing your trip Jannett!

  3. Great photos. The Palm Reader photo was definitely worth the second try. :) I visited the folk art museum last year. The miniature villages full of tiny people are enchanting. I wanted to walk into the displays and play!

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